A treehouse is what every kid dream of but only really has the privilege to have one. But it is still a constant and frequent dream for all kids. They wait for summer and that dream of the treehouse to enjoy their den. Regardless of the cost and effort, you can even try to DIY a treehouse for them, because it is simple and the impact it has on their minds is enormous than your effort.

You would love to see that reaction, and for that, you will feel like you can build a hundred more treehouses for them. It is up to your choice and budget to decide if you are going to DIY or make someone build the treehouse. But no matter what you choose, you still need to see a lot of different ideas to select that one beautiful treehouse for your kid. Let us jump into the 25 ideas of treehouses we share here.

Our Pick for the Best Treehouse Ideas

1. Simple Treehouse

Simple Treehouse

It is a plain deck that you are building with a base of wooden planks and is up to minimal height, placed amidst a bunch of big trees. This treehouse doesn’t need a roof or a ceiling because the trees will give pleasant shade, and that is precisely why it should be placed amidst a bunch of trees.

2. Modern Treehouse

Modern Treehouse

You can build a treehouse that looks modern in architecture and suave in its appeal. To achieve this look, you need glasses or windows, and its shape should be in a different geometrical way that appears unique and specially customized for your kid.

This treehouse is achievable through DIY but takes a heavy toll on you. Better if you choose to hire workers, or if you are hard on your decision, it is still alright to DIY.

3. Safari Treehouse

Safari Treehouse

To give your treehouse a safari look, consider using hardwood for the walls and roof. Use wooden plants for the ladder or steps. canIt would be great if you used wooden planks as railing for the treehouse. It adds on a more safari look and feels like you have this treehouse in a forest with its rustic look.

You can add on a rope swing by trying a tire below as a seat. This type and rope swing tied to a branch or the treehouse itself enhances the safari look ten times more. It is up to you to choose for it to have a roof or not.

4. Artistic Look

Artistic Look

For your treehouse to look exquisite, you better choose colored wooden planks or color them yourself. It is a challenging but significant task to select a color for your treehouse. You better choose shades of brown as it feels more aesthetically pleasing, lying in between the trees of brown.

After selecting the proper color your treehouse needs, that fits your backyard paint it and leave it be. The next step is to purchase tungsten lights to enhance the look. If you turned the lights on during nights, it would look like nothing you have ever seen.

5. A Gazebo Treehouse!

A Gazebo Treehouse

You can choose to build the treehouse, like a gazebo. It should look like a gazebo elevated from the ground to the middle of the tree. By selecting this gazebo treehouse, it is that the kids will still use it for sitting a while or for fresh breath when they grow up.

6. Deluxe Treehouse

Deluxe Treehouse

A deluxe treehouse is an entire house with one room, and that is elevated amidst the trees. It is easy to make it but complex to plan. You have to make it look like a proper home.

7. Fairy Tales!

Fairy Tales

Kids love fairy tales, and it would be dreamy to color your treehouse like the houses from Noddy, or straight away the house of dwarfs from Snow White. If you choose to give it a Snow-White look, it is to choose white red, and brown colors for your treehouse.

8. The Backyard Connection!

The Backyard Connection

If you have two kids and they demand you build them two treehouses individually. You can create a bridge between them and make them connected because they don’t need to choose either one, as they both belong to both of them. They can still play together, even being in two different treehouses; it is metaphorical!

9. Whole Treehouse

Whole Treehouse

This idea is to choose to build an entire house for a treehouse, where they can use it as their room or den.

10. Castle!


Imagine two childhood dreams fulfilling at one time. Kids love treehouses and also dream of castles from those Disney movies. So, why don’t you choose to make a treehouse that looks like a castle? It will be a fantastic thing to give the kids, and the kid will be busy playing siege fort.

11. Stilt House

Stilt House

Your backyard might not have huge trees, and you don’t know where to build the treehouse. It is okay, and you do not need trees for a treehouse. You can always use wooden stilts to make the treehouse stand.

12. Not That Tall!

Not That Tall

If your kids are too young and you have chosen to build your treehouse with stilts, you can create a treehouse that is lower to the ground. Even being lower to the ground, it still is amidst the plants and trees in your backyard, giving you the feel of a genuine treehouse. You can also stop worrying about your kid falling off the treehouse.

13. Just a Simple Deck!

Just a Simple Deck

We have already seen a deck above, but this is a bit more complex than the one above. And this treehouse can even be used by adults to rest.

14. The Tree-Playhouse!

The Tree-Playhouse

You can fuse two of the kids’ favorites into one by this beautiful idea. It is a lovely combination that has a treehouse and includes swings, slides, and ziplines. This treehouse will be the kids’ time pass till they grow up.

15. Storied Treehouse

Storied Treehouse

You can build a treehouse that contains many levels, mostly two or three levels are preferred. This idea is fun because you have to climb the stairs to reach the higher and most secret den of your kid.

16. Single-Tree Treehouse

Single-Tree Treehouse

Usually, treehouses are amidst a bunch of trees taking the trees’ support for the treehouse to elevate in the air. But you can construct the treehouse on a single tree if the bark is loud and the tree is old. It gives a feel of the den of Power Rangers from the Mystic Force.

17. The Porch

The Porch

If you are serious about the treehouse, making it an authentic treehouse that is also usable when the kids grow up, then you better build a porch too. Having a porch, railing, and proper steps to get down justifies the title treehouse.

18. An Open Treehouse

An Open Treehouse

If your kids are younger or you just want your treehouse to be lower to the ground and continuously keep watch over the child’s safety, then you must choose this idea. This treehouse has only three walls, and the front is out open for you. You can decide to close it with curtains if you like.

19. A Platform!

A Platform

If you do not have much space in your backyard to build a treehouse, you don’t need to feel down at all. Of course, this is not a house, but you can still elevate yourself above the ground with the trees. You can build a platform on a massive tree in your backyard. This tree is like a guard point!

20. Themed Treehouses

Themed Treehouses

The best thing you can do is to set a theme for the playhouse you build for your kids. We have already seen a fairy-tale themed treehouse. You can try different themes, such as a Pirate’s theme. It will be more exciting for the kids to make it their pirate cabin.

21. Tree-Shacks


If your kids are early or mid-teens, they would likely not show much interest in simple treehouses. They would want something complicated, and only great designs and spacious treehouses can make them excited.

22. Totoro All the Way!

Totoro All the Way

This idea is strictly for mid to late teen kids because it is high in the sky, almost as tall as your biggest tree. If you are familiar with the animated movie “My neighbor Totoro,” you would love the idea of sitting and watching the view from the top of a tree. Then this is your pick for your teenage kids.

23. Treeless Treehouse

Treeless Treehouse

You do not need to feel down if your backyard is not significant, and you don’t have big trees that support your treehouse. You can build a treeless treehouse too.

24. Netted Treehouse

Netted Treehouse

If you worry a lot about kids falling from the treehouses, you can choose to use cargo nets. You can tie cargo nets to a group of trees, use the same network as a source for climbing up. Your netted treehouse is ready!

25. For the Family!

For the Family

If you do not want to limit the treehouse for kids, you can build a big one with the support of multiple trees and stilts as a foundation. You can create a treehouse for not only kids but your entire family.


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