Rain surely is beautiful to have warm tea and get cosy in a blanket. But if you have kids, you know how disappointed they feel when it is raining. Because rain stops them from going out, playing with their friends, it just kills their excitement. Many times, they get annoyed when it rains, because the rain comes uncalled and unpredicted sometimes.

Kids might have planned a great game or must have decided to do something in the backyard. But it is raining, and they cannot play anymore. But that should not stop their fun. There are many things and games that kids can play indoors when it is raining. It does not just include or needs the kids to stick to the screens.

They do not involve any technology and are necessary activities that are as fun as outdoor activities. Let us see 40 activities, not 10, 20 but 40, to prove that there can be many more too.

1. Board Games

These are on the top because of being visible. There is no power? Is it raining outside? Almost everyone starts dusting that old board game that was lying on top of your shelf from ages.

2. Pillow Fight

This is a fun activity, but you should remember not to use much force if you are in the fight. This activity entertains kids of every young age and might not entertain early teens unless they have siblings.

3. DIY Crafts

Bring out your glue, cardboard, beads, strings, charts, and scissors. Make a plan and create something with the kids. As kids are curious, crafts will also help them grow creatively.

4. Dance, Baby Dance!

Doyou know what makes a high indoor time pass with kids? It is music and dancing! Who doesn’t love a good dance? Let alone kids! They will have real fun, and who knows they might end up being good dancers.

5. Laser Tag

Back then, you have to go to an arcade or a place where you can play tag. But now, you can purchase the set online or in a games store. The set consists of a couple of vests and laser guns. Gear-up and start shooting!

6. Nerf War

As we have begun talking about guns and wars! Nothing can beat Nerf Guns and a Nerf gunfight! From a Mexican stand-off to a sniper’s only, you can play anything. You can even play hide and seek and shoot balls at people when they get caught. Nerf guns are real fun!

7. Jigsaw Puzzles

At first, it might seem like it is a boring game. But when you start, you can’t stop yourself from finding the pieces of the puzzle. Our brain is such. It is a human tendency to be curious to solve puzzles.

8. Hide and Seek

Indoor hide and seek is challenging because you don’t have much space to hide when you are indoors. It becomes challenging to find spots while the counting ends. The place should be smart and an under-seen area in the house.

9. Castle Building

You can gather all those chairs together. Spread a blanket on top of all the chairs. Now you have got yourself a chair castle; your kids can crawl under and make it their spot. You can also come up with different ideas and create a castle for your kids; take their help to double the fun.

9. Experiment!

If you want kids to benefit from the activity. You better make an experiment with them. Like a mentos-coke experiment, or something scientific but straightforward. Like the steam engine experiment using vessels and a lid.

11. Dress Up

You can play dress-up by dressing yourself and your kids as characters in movies or animated shows. The person who dresses up should find the name of that character.

12. The Floor is Lava

This is a fun game too. You have to assume the floor to be lava, and now if you put your leg on the floor, it is burned, and you are out! You have to balance somehow, move, and not touch the floor.

13. Simon Says

It is a simple game, and you don’t need any extra equipment to play so. One of the participants should command the other by saying, “Simon says,” like “Simon says to touch your nose,” and the other one has to do it.

14. Tag

Of course, because if you have the space for a laser tag and don’t have laser equipment, why not just tag? It requires nothing but your energy not to get tagged. It is not even dull if the number of people playing is only two!

15. Movie Time

Kids love watching entertaining movies and especially those Pixar films. Why not make it a movie time and watch great films that are fun to watch and yet so much to learn from them.

16. Puppet Show

DIY some puppets with cardboards or just paper. Create a frame with cardboard and make it your screen. Use threads to move the limbs of puppets to make it more authentic. Gather your little audience and begin the show!

17. Drawings

Give them little tasks to draw out something. Like give them the same topics and tell them to draw the topic out without communicating with each other. The result will be beautiful, and they will feel excited to start learning about different drawing ideas.

18. Origami

Not a pro-level art, but you can learn basic paper folds, make your kids a few paper boats at least, and Teach them how to do that.

19. Paint

If you have some colors in your home. Use them to start coloring and painting a few drawings.

20. Treasure Hunt

Ask your kids not to see and hide their toy at someplace safe, leave out many clues, and ask them to find it.

21. Roleplay

Give your kids the roles of real-life people and ask them to imitate them.

22. Play

You can write a little play, or just download a kid’s play and make them act it.

23. Story Writing

Give your kids a topic or a phrase and ask them to write short stories on them.

24. Story – Reading

Take turns and read out storybooks.

25. Write Letters

Make your kids write letters to their cousins or uncles/aunts. It is a cute thing to teach and do.

26. Caligraphy

It is amusing to learn to write in different ways; it is the art of writing.

27. Lego

Legos are always the best way to improve cognitive skills. You need to put the right piece at the right place, visualize something, and build the block accordingly.

28. Karaoke

Start singing songs and make the kids sing their favorite songs. Choose a winner and make their favorite dish for that night. It is exciting to sing songs and remember the lyrics.

28. Bake

Bake something exciting like cupcakes or Jell-O and take their help. It is necessary to take their support, or it is not that fun to watch someone bake.

29. Word Games

Worldbuilding is an excellent game to play, especially with the kids. You start with a word, and the next one should say out a word that begins with the last letter of the word you have said out.

30. Telephone

This is a fun game if you have a bunch of kids around you. You all sit in a circle, and one of you should whisper a word or a phrase in the ears of the person sitting next to you, and it should pass on around the circle till it reaches back to you.

31 Since the Fruit

Close the participant’s eyes with a cloth and ask them to touch each fruit you give them. They have to feel the fruit and guess what it is.

32. Quilling

You can use a bit of thick paper and start quilling ornaments. It is also an art and an excellent way to pass a kid’s time. It can improve their skills, and they might just become a pro at it.

33. Popsicles

You can make popsicles, and kids love waiting and eating them. Pour some juice on to the ice tray and put it into the freezer, just wait for them to freeze!

34. Clay-time

If you have playable clay in your home, it is a tremendous creative activity.

35. Record Videos

Let the kids make a story, act, and direct as you record.

36. Galleries

Show your kids the photo albums of themselves when they were babies. Show them how cute they were.

37. Marriage Day

Play the videos of your marriage, show them their young mama and papa.

38. Racecar Track

If you have RC controlled cars, it is time you have created a track for those cars and start a race!

39. Look out of the Window

When it is raining, it is good to see, hear, and feel the rain. Look at what people are doing outside; the frogs are dancing.

40. Play in the Rain!

It is okay to wear a raincoat, covering the kids up from getting soaked up in the rain. Let them play in the rain with their suits up.

Make this rain memorable, and not the one that brings up disappointments!


My name is Mark Wilson and I am the founder and author of HomeDems. This is your one-stop-shop for everything home decor related. As a professional property manager, I have handled hundreds if not thousands of residential and commercial real estate units with great success over a career of 35+ years.

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