Our day to day life is becoming more and more hectic. We go through various difficulties, whether it is our household works or it is our official works. We all somehow make ourselves more vulnerable to get diseases and allergies. We do not take care when it comes to us. Even the condition of our earth is worsening day by day.

There are plenty of vehicles, factories, and mines, which is adding harmful chemicals to the air we breathe. This will then harm only us by going inside our body. Therefore we should take some precautions to avoid these things and keep ourselves safe from all the contamination.

Air purifiers have gained massive fame in recent years. The demand for air purifiers is increasing day by day. This is because now our atmosphere has become a blanket full of poison. Contamination of our air is increasing, and therefore it is necessary to take the required precautions. Even our own home is not safe from such contamination.

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Bedroom, H13 True HEPA Filter, Air Cleaner for Pets Hair Dander Allergies Odors, 99.97% Removal of 0.3 Microns Dust Smoke Mold, Available for California, Core P350
  • Genuine Replacements: Only use genuine Levoit replacement parts to ensure excellent performance (Search for: LEVOIT Core P350-RF). The convenient check filter indicator informs you when it might be time for a new filter. Filters should be replaced every 6–8 months
  • Perfect Gift for Pet Families: Ideal for pet allergies, improve your air quality and help you and your pets relieve allergic symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, sinuses and heavy breathing. Ozone-free, approved by CARB, ETL listed and CA PROP 65 certified
  • High Powered: The Vortexair Technology offers an increased CADR of 141 CFM / 240 m³/h, handily covering rooms as large as 219 ft2 (20㎡) and refreshing the air 5 times per hour, perfect for bedroom, living room, dining room or pet room
  • H13-Grade True HEPA Filter: Reduces up to 99.97% of harmful air pollutants, smoke, pollen, mold spores, dust mites and other allergens as small as 0.3 microns from the air. This new fine non-woven fabric pre-filter is more effective than other common pre-filters at capturing floating hair, pet fur, pet dander, dust, fibers, lint
  • Sleep Mode and Timer: The QuietKEAP Technology keeps noise levels as low as 24dB. Set a timer for 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours, then turn off the display light to enjoy a perfect and undisturbed night of sleep. The pet lock button prevents your pets from tampering with any of the other buttons or settings

At least there should be a place where we can feel safe and secured from such contaminations. Therefore air purifiers are here; this will help you get cleaner air at least at your home or office.

In this article, we are going to discuss a recently released air purifier, LEVOIT Core 300. Let us see what its specifications are and how impressive it is.

A Brief Introduction

LEVOIT has actively persuaded the market of air purifiers. In a short period, they have made a reputation as well. In today’s market of air purifiers, their name is very well known. They are the best brand for air purifiers in North America, and soon, it will become famous worldwide also. Their quick, innovative designs and high-end products besides the best customer service have made them whatever they are now.

We will discuss their Core 300 air purifiers, which are an upgraded version of its predecessor Vista 200. Recently they have also launched the next model of Core 300 named Core P350. These have some extra features, but we will limit our discussion to LEVOIT Core 300 only. Let us dive more into it and get to know more about it in detail.

How Much Will it Impact on your Wallet

LEVOIT Core 300

We know that LEVOIT is a massive name in the market of air purifiers; therefore, you must have imagined a considerable amount as well. But, there is a surprise for you. The cost of an air purifier like this one may cost you around 150 to 200 dollars easily if you go for the branded ones. But, the cost of LEVOIT Core 300 is under 100 dollars.

This one is the best thing about it that it fits in the budget and promises a load of features as well. It offers a 360° circular design for better air cleaning, which you will rarely get in any air purifiers under 100 dollars.

There are many competitors as well, but when it comes to price, it is always ahead of them. It is rarely possible that a brand can surpass and take the throne of LEVOIT. The design is also exciting and compact and also does not have much weight either.

All of these features you are getting in, it will be available in many air purifiers, but when it comes to the price, there is not a match of LEVOIT Core 300. It worth its price brilliantly.

It’s Look and Feel

Talking about its color scheme, its original color is white, which gives it a fresh texture and doesn’t seem much bright at the same time. It has got 360° air inlets through which it can take air inside to filter it and delivers the cleaned air from the top.

It offers a stunning design with some exciting features as well. LEVOIT had offered different color schemes as well in its older air purifiers, but now it seems that they are going to stick to the white color option. What is an interesting fact about this color is that it can create a rainbow effect when light bounces back from its surface.

It has an inbuilt HEPA air purifier, which is the best feature of it and which is available in only high-cost air purifiers. Its dimensions are 8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 inches, which is quite comfortable to handle. You can easily pick it up to place it on the table, or the cupboard or any other places which will be suitable for you.

At the top, you will have a screen which will show different things related to its operation. Overall it offers a sleek design, which is quite straightforward than its predecessor but enjoyable.

Filtration System

One of the best features of this model is its filtration system. It offers the best filtration system in this peace range. To check the air filtration system of any air purifiers, you should focus on air filter quality, several air filters, and the types of air filters. This LEVOIT Core 300 offers all of them. It has the best-rated air filters and has three layers of filtration system, which ensures the maximum purification of air.

Nylon pre-filter

This later is the basic unit of the filtration system. This ensures that no big particles or things enter the filtration system further. It stops them outside and then lets the air go through it for further treatment.

True HEPA Filter

This filter is made to stop the smaller particles. It can stop even the 0.3 microns particles and similar sizes harmful pathogens as well as bacteria, pollens, and some viruses as well. This is a high technology used in air purifiers.

Activated Carbon Filter

This one is the last unit of the filtration system. It absorbs all the remaining harmful particulates to give you fresher air. Its main work is to capture odor and smoke, which has tiny size particles, and they escape from the HEPA filter.

In addition to these, you can also change the filtration unit as well. Depending on your need, you can choose from their three other options.

Pet Allergy Filter

It is made or those who have pets in their house and have allergies as well. It will make sure that the air you breathe doesn’t have any of those allergic things and also suitable for your pets.

Toxin Absorber Filter

This one is designed for those who live near the roads and highways or where there are smokes around generally. This will work hard and will remove the toxins from the air.

Mold and Bacteria Filter

This one is made for those who have problems with molds occurring at their houses. This was specially designed for an environment where there is moisture all the time. This will help to get rid of moisture, which will stop the growth of molds and bacterias.

The Area Can Cover Effectively

LEVOIT Core 300 On a Table

Considering its dimensions and size, it can cover quite more area than it should, or we can say more than any other air purifiers of this size can do. It can cover upto 219 ft^2. But, it is not for the large rooms. CADR ( Clean Air Delivery Rate) is the unit used to measure the efficiency of any air purifier. LEVOIT Core 300 CADR value in the dust, smoke, and pollen are 140, 141, and 145 CFM (Cubic Feet Metres), respectively. This is quite essential data for such a short-range air purifier.

Running Sound

This one is made for smaller rooms, and if you are using it in your bedroom, then you want it to be quiet as you are not going to have a device that makes weird noises when you sleep. Keeping this in mind, LEVOIT has used QuietKEAP technology. This will ensure to reduce operating sound as much as possible. Its noise level is 24db when used in silent mode, which is advisable to use when you are going to bed.

Power Consumption and Some Other Features

First of all, it is not battery operated; instead, it is corded. Therefore you have to keep in mind where you should keep it to get the maximum out of it. To have a power-efficient always prefer an energy star rating. According to an estimation, you have to pay around 16 dollars a year if you use it for around 8 hours per day. This is quite impressive for these types of air purifiers.

Its additional features include an LED light to help you while changing its filter. You can also turn the light of the display off when needed, and it also has a timer feature as well.


If we have to describe it in one word, then it will be priceworthy. It offers excellent features under the 100 dollar range. There is no branded air purifier at this price range, which can compete with it. One thing which, if added, then it can become all you need is a smart feature. Overall it is a compact designed air purifier with some exceptionally great features at an affordable price.

There are some air purifiers as well, which will give you exciting features at low prices, but you should not get into the clickbait and instead go for the branded ones. They are a bit expensive, but they also offer quality and performance with excellent customer service as well. Therefore go for quality rather than price, and in this category, LEVOIT Core 300 is the best of all.


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