Technology has a significant role in our day to day life and doings. We can not even imagine our world without modern technology. We have evolved as a human due to the invention of many things and many technologies. What we see in our surroundings from our house’s bulb to a skyscraper outside of your house, all have been made by using some kind of technology. We can’t run away from the fact that without technology, we are nothing in today’s world. It is not a static thing; instead, it evolves with time, and with time it gets even better.

Technological companies and their stakeholders are the ones who keep on changing the technologies and making it better than it was. We are becoming more and more dependent on technology more than we have ever been. There are a lot of examples which we see daily and are even helpful for ourselves. Some kind of technology operates doorbell, cars, buses, smartphones, camera, social media and many more things. Technologies are used to make our lives better and easier.

The thermostat is one of the examples of evolved technology. Thermostats are the devices used in smart houses to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. It doesn’t matter if it is raining outside, scorching heat is flowing out there, or snowfall is happening around your city. If there is a thermostat in your house, then you can maintain the indoor temperature according to your desire. If you want your home to be warm, then just by a few clicks and some time, you will get the desired temperature inside your house. Many manufacturers are in the business of making high thermostats for you. But, one of the best thermostat manufacturers is Honeywell Thermostats.

They have pioneered the art of making thermostats, and they never disappoint us with their products. But, when we use something, then it is very obvious that it will become bad or unfit while working. Similar is the case with the Honeywell Thermostats. But don’t worry as we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to share with you the ways to reset your Honeywell Thermostats. We will cover all the models of Honeywell Thermostats, and hopefully, you will be able to reset your thermostat with ease. So, let’s start now.

Honeywell Thermostat – 9000 Series

This one has full features, and it is very modern as well. It is a WiFi-enabled thermostat that gives it some additional abilities. It can predict the environment of your house and can control the cooling and heating of your house. It’s 7day programmable features help you program your thermostat when you are going out of your house for some days. It also has auto daylight adjustment settings to minimize power consumption. You can change it’s settings wherever and whenever you want. It is also equipped with the voice control system, and it is compatible with many home automation kits like Alexa, Google Home, Smart things, Google Assistant, and many more. One of the exciting features is that if you are out of your house and something fishy is going on inside of your house, then this thermostat will give you a notification about it on your smartphone. This is like a security guard also.

Resetting this thermostat is not rocket science; instead, it is just a few clicks away. Just follow the following steps:-

1. Press the menu button on the screen.

2. In the menu section, select the option named “Preferences.”

3. While scrolling down in the preferences section, you will see the option of ” Restore to factory default.”

4. Click “Yes” for the confirmation.

That’s how you will reset your Honeywell thermostat 9000 series. Now, it is in its reasonable condition.

Honeywell Thermostat – 8000 Series

This one is a bit techie and has an LCD screen as well. This has already hinted to us that it has a touch screen system. The screen operates through 4 AAA batteries. The size of the screen is 10 inches, which is quite impressive and enough for a thermostat, which can be changed every day and anytime. It’s smart response technology help it to predict the time taken to control the temperature of the house, and after that, it changes temperature accordingly.

This one has a bit different way to reset the thermostat than the previous one. You have to follow the following steps to reset this thermostat.

1. First, click on the option named “System.”

2. Now, to get the next option, you have to hold the center button for a few settings.

3. When the option of “Reset to factory settings” came up on the screen, then click it.

Your thermostat will restart right after this, and this confirms that you have successfully done the reset kinds of stuff.

Honeywell Thermostat – 7000 Series

This one is like a combination of the other two thermostats we have discussed above. It has an LCD screen to adjust the settings, and it also has programmable technology. You can set up this thermostat for a seven-day setup. This one doesn’t support any kind of voice control; instead, it is best in controlling the heating and cooling features.

This one also has a very different way to reset. Just follow the given steps to reset this thermostat successfully.

1. First of all, turn it off.

2. After switching it off, switch off the circuit breaker as well.

3. Take out the batteries located at its backside after removing the thermostat.

4. After removing batteries, put it back again but in an opposite orientation that is, place the negative side of the battery to the positive side and positive side to the negative side.

5. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Now, remove the battery and place it incorrectly.

7. Now, the display will turn on and after it on the circuit breaker.

Tada! Your thermostat has attained its standard default settings.

Honeywell Thermostat – 6000 Series

This one is straightforward and easy to use. It doesn’t have many techy features. It is WiFi-enabled and can be connected to your smartphone or your laptop. You can operate it from anywhere through it. One of the best things about it is its user interface. It is quite good and pure.

1. Press the FAN and UP button both at the same time for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Now release the buttons and press the first button from the right.

3. Keep holding it till you get 39 on your screen.

4. Now using the Down arrow keys, bring it to the 0.

5. Then press Done, and right after it, you’ll see the WiFi icon blinking on the top.

Now thermostat is reset, and you can connect it through the internet to setup.

Honeywell Thermostat – 4000 Series

This one is a bit of a smart thermostat that can handle multiple heating systems, and you don’t have to worry about it at all. This one has a downside also. It can operate through a fixed ampere value only. This particular thermostat doesn’t work with a resistance load under 1.25A and a resistance load over 12.5A.

1. First, switch this thermostat in on mode.

2. Now find the “Program” button and press it three times.

3. On the right side of the buttons, you will find a hole. In this hole, put a pointed object or wire.

4. Press it for just 2 to 5 seconds, and this is it.

Voila! You have reset your Honeywell thermostat 4000 series.

Honeywell Thermostat – 2000 Series

This one is the first-ever programmable thermostat from the Honeywell. After this, Honeywell started manufacturing programmable thermostats. This is a very budget-friendly thermostat, and if you can’t afford the 9000 series due to budget issues, then this will be the best option for you.

It is the same as of the 7000 series.

1. First, turn it off and right after it turns off the circuit breaker also.

2. After removing the thermostat, take out the batteries from its backside.

3. Now put it back again but in the opposite orientation. Put the right terminal on the left and left the terminal in the right.

4. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Take out the batteries and put it back again, but now in the right orientation.

6. Turn on the thermostat and then the circuit breaker.

Tada! Your thermostat has been reset.

Honeywell Thermostat – 1000 series

This one is not a programmable thermostat. This doesn’t even have many specifications as well. It is quite a traditional thermostat. If you want to buy a smart thermostat for your house, then we will recommend you to buy this one. This one will disappoint you and nothing else.

This one has a similar procedure as we have in 2000 series.

1. Turn off the thermostat and the circuit breaker also.

2. Now take out the batteries after removing thermostat.

3. Put the batteries back in thermostat but in the opposite way.

4. Keep it there for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Remove the batteries and put it back again but in the right manner.

6. Turn on the thermostat and the circuit breaker after it.

This thermostat is now has been reset. Configure it again to the new settings.

Honeywell Thermostat – Lyric T Family

This one is an excellent thermostat from the Honeywell, which is a perfect competitor of NEST thermostats. It is effortless to install and can be attached anywhere around the heating appliances. It requires low voltage to operate.

1. Go to the menu option on the screen.

2. Press the < or > button until you find the Reset option.

3. Once you get the new option on your screen, click the select option.

4. Now in the Reset section, select the required reset option.

5. After selecting the right reset option, click on the Yes button to reset.

Final Words

Now your thermostat is ready to start again from the default settings. I hope this article has helped you to reset your Honeywell thermostat without any problem. Have questions regarding the reset of Honeywell thermostat? This article will be more than enough. Just go through this to know how to reset your Honeywell thermostat.


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