You might be thinking of buying a new house or building one, and you might be wondering what size your backyard must be. How big is the average backyard? It is good to cross-check before you plan your size. Knowing how big the usual yards are might help you achieve your perception about the gardens.

Backyards are usually the space left out after the construction of the home, which is at the back and often left for gardening or any outdoor activities. You also have a front yard, but that is not much spacious and is an epitome of left-out space. Of course, you can still do a lot with the front yard, but backyards are dreamy.

It is best to check your house plan and check with the local registrar if there are any rules regarding lawns. Few counties have laws about the minimum and maximum bounds of the yards. If there are none, you might still need a piece of useful knowledge and plan. Earlier, the backyards were usually a lot bigger than they are now.

In 1992, according to the National Association of Home Builders, backyards were around 10,000 sq. Ft. But since then, the decrease in size is evident, and now the average backyard is around 8,00 sq. Ft. But these statistics are different if you live in a different region. If it is not the central part and live out in the west or total east, your stats may vary as there is a lot of free space.

If you are at the west towards the pacific, your average backyard is much smaller and might be 5,500 to 6,000 sq. Ft. The sizes of yards have seen a decrease in size because of the increase in the dimensions of the house. If you are living in New England, your average backyard would still be ten times more than the numbers from central America.

Your home occupies less than 10% of the entire property. The greenest places that have more countryside, like New Hampshire, Louisiana, and Mississippi, have the largest yards you can ever find.


How Big is the Average Backyard

There are many factors included in the decision to choose the right size for your backyard. First and foremost, would be the house plans you are allowed, and the backyard depends on the space that remains after choosing the size for your house. No house, no garden, right? So, it would be best if you were sure of checking all the plans and the best one that fits your dream house.

After choosing the size of your home, you can plan what to do with the left-out yard. If it is an empty plot that you are looking out at, it works, but if you are purchasing an already existing house with a house, and you dream of a huge backyard; then you need to be sure of the factors that affect the size of the garden.

Because in some regions there are laws for houses, that the house should be a minimum of such areas. To fulfill the needs, you take out half or most of the area if you have purchased a plot of 5,000 sq. Ft. So, it is also wise to choose a plot that is more than the average house area. The local registrar also implies the average area of houses, and you need to check what the laws and average sizes are.

If you are looking for a minimal backyard with a grand mansion, you should have to make sacrifices. If you want both, you need to sacrifice your bank balance. Either way, it is not hard to purchase a place to fit your mansion and a huge yard, you need to know where and how to buy such. Usage is the most significant factor that you depend upon while choosing a backyard for you.

If you are a gamer and you would love to make a court out of your backyard, then your yard must fit the size of the game’s court or at least to its playable size. You can create a mini basketball court for yourself to have fun. Not just basketball, but there are many things you can play. Few love to use their backyard as mini-farms or forests. It has been proven that you can grow mini forests in your backyard too.

It is a great place to use your farming and planting skills. You can also make it a plant house; that greenhouse, which pumps oxygen and has a variety of plants. If you have a kid or kids, the number of things you can do with your backyard increases. You can set-up a croquet playground, have a seesaw, swings, and many ideas for your kids. You might feel like having a pool there.

You can also start a dairy farm for yourself, have some cattle in your backyard, or even poultry. There are multiple uses, and you must explore all the ideas before considering the size. If you have a fixed decision about the usage of the backyard, then you must know how big land does those needs of yours take. If your needs are met, and the size is known, you need to purchase an estate with that much space left after building a family house.

If it is a dairy farm, you need 100 – 250 Sq. ft. of land to keep the cattle and harvest. If you are into crop farming, you need nearly 2,000 sq—Ft. To harvest corn.

But if you have no ideas and are not a person who wants to have more outside time, then you might need a minimal backyard and a bigger house.



The permissions depend upon the area of all other backyards and houses and how you must have according to them. This differs from each area because each region has a different type of homes and people. As we have seen above, few parts have tiny backyards while few have vast amounts of areas, more than farms. The district planning community does most of this limitation and organisation.

In the USA, there is an organized way of having backyards, and there are specified minimum digits in feet. In San Diego county, Single-family houses are permitted to have a front yard of 100 feet, side yard of 15 feet, and backyard of 50 feet. In Seattle, the minimum yard sizes are 20 f t., 15ft. ,25 ft. Respectively for a front yard, side yard and backyard. And in Fairfax County, 60 ft., 50 ft., 50 ft. Are the permitted yard sizes for a front yard, side yard, and back yard, respectively?


As we have seen some specified yard sizes the USA’s district planning authorities have decided for each county differently, we can understand how different each region can be. No matter what you want to do with your backyard, you need to check it out with house planning authorities and district planning authorities.

After you choose the size and check for permitted size, all you have to do is to look for the right house with that right yard. Or that right plot with correct measurements for your home and the dream yard to fit in. Once the house is done, and the yard is laid, it is now for you to decide if you still want to follow your dream activity, and if you did change your mind, make sure to plan new activities that fit for the size of your backyard.

You can also start bee-keeping if you have no idea what to do with a backyard. But make sure that you inform your neighbors, or they will have a horror show. Bee-keeping is an enjoyable hobby and can even be economically beneficial. No matter what you choose to do with your back yard, make it productive and enjoyable!


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