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‘But why should I choose HomeDems?’

Thanks to our cool team here at, we’ve done the extensive research and legwork needed.

We’ve looked far and wide across the web for ‘write for us’ websites and concluded what works and what doesn’t.

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What you need to know:

  • This is guest posting – one of the best ways for a new writer to gain a large following.
  • Currently we are not paying for blog posts.
  • We do not take blog posts from other websites.
  • No self-promotional content. Blogs that have copyright infringement issues cannot be approved.
  • Writing must be sent to us using Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Anything else and it will not be opened.
  • We are with you every step of the way. We want you to succeed and we want to give you the opportunity to show the world what you really are capable of.
  • We receive countless submissions every day. We aim to reply as soon as we can. Usually this takes around 3 days.

Get started; it’s simple.

Here’s what we publish:

  • 800 – 2000 words is the sweet spot.
  • Topics can be on anything from living room design to talking about your favourite pieces of furniture.
  • Your writing needs to be SEO friendly. Research key words and properly optimize your content.
  • It needs to flow well grammatically. It needs to be bold, interesting and engaging. Most importantly, it always needs to be relevant.
  • The tone of writing needs to be casual with a serious undertone. You can include some humour if you like but it’s not necessary.
  • A great headline is needed – one that a reader can’t skip.

‘What else can I expect to gain from writing for’

  • Experience is essential in just about any application process in the modern age. Just imagine writing future cover letters and mentioning that you’ve written blog posts that have reached thousands of people!
  • Bragging rights – your friends think that they are better than you at home decor? Send them a link to YOUR blog post and watch their faces drop. They’ll soon listen to you!
  • You have the opportunity to write about new ideas that haven’t been heard before. Home decor is a constantly changing industry. Set some trends!
  • Make a name for yourself. We have so many readers eager to learn something new. Our readers can really resonate with you and before you know it, you have a following!
  • Become a trusted advisor on home decor.
  • Improve the search engine rankings for your blog. Guest posting is the best way for you to move up the ranks. Your name on a popular website like ours may even boost you up all the way to being on the first page for home decor.

Who can write for

  • Anyone with a laptop and internet connection
  • No past writing experience. You just need to get your point across!
  • Anyone who can write in English.
  • You need to like home decor, ranging from a home designer to a mother of 5 who loves to decorate her children’s bedrooms. We don’t discriminate.
  • Anyone who can relate to our audience. They are just like you – home decor enthusiasts.

If this feels like we are talking about you – we want you to be our next guest blogger.

‘I’m interested, how do I get started?’

  • Write an email to us at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Guest Post’. Include at least one sample of your previous writing.
  • Our team will go through your sample(s) and see if you are a good match for our blog.
  • Congratulations – You’re hired! We will invite you to write for us.
  • Choose your topic – Remember that it must be relevant to home decor.
  • Send us your final piece along with 1 – 3 sentences comprised of your name and bio. You can even send a picture if you like!
  • Your post has been published. Well done!

Since we are so nice, here are some topic suggestions for your next guest post:

  • New product around? Find out some news about it and review it
  • Ideas to try relating to home decor
  • How-to’s
  • 5 tips and tricks
  • Comparisons between products

If you have any questions on a topic where you’re not sure if it’s appropriate or not, contact us and we will let you know.

If you have no writing experience whatsoever, start by reading:

We are more than just a website. We want you to get experience so then you can get that home designer status that you have always dreamed of. We may even see you on a TV show one day for home decor improvements! Or you may even sign a book deal. Whatever your home decor dream is, we will help you get there.


Last but not least:

Send your proposal to [email protected] include the subject line ‘Guest Post’ and provide at least one sample for us to look at.

It really is that simple.

We look forward to hearing from you

P.S. If you any questions, let us know. We aim to respond as soon as possible.