Installing a greenhouse helps you to grow food crops and plants that require different climates than the climate of your region. For example, if you live in a cold environment and the plants you are growing, need warmer weather, building a greenhouse provides the plants with the warmth they need. You might have a backyard, and you might be planning to build a greenhouse to grow plants that you love but need a different climate.

But just having the thought of having a greenhouse is not enough, of course, it is the beginning, but it is not the end, you need to explore types of greenhouses and different ideas to build one for your backyard. There are many ideas that we are going to explore to make you understand and have a perception of greenhouses.

It is a beautiful addition for your plants and gives you control over the climate exposure on your plants. You can also make your garden pest-free as a greenhouse is a more conditioned way towards gardening. The main advantage of having a greenhouse can grow plants that are exotic and belong to a different climate.

There are many kits and tutorials online available for building a greenhouse. It is easy now as there exist many guides and simple building kits, that allow even a beginner to build a greenhouse, like a pro. Standard materials to construct a durable greenhouse are usually metals like aluminum and iron.

But if you are looking for less expensive alternatives, you can use wood and also plastic rods. You need a frame-like structure that should hold and stand. It is better to directly purchase readymade frames of wood, plastic, aluminum, or iron according to your choice. And the goal is to let the sun in and keep the pests out.

So you have to consider having a glass in between the frames you have chosen. The material can be anything that does not block the sun. Not only glass but cheaper alternatives like fiberglass, acrylic, and PVC can do the job. You can also try more creative and custom options if you are interested in DIY-ing stuff.

You can use windows of excellent designs, different architectural looks or use recycled objects to make a greenhouse. No matter what you have chosen, building a greenhouse is a singly good idea regardless of your choice; DIY or not. So go on with your fantastic decision. Let’s get into the different ideas of building a greenhouse.

12 Best Greenhouse Ideas

Bricks and Glasses!

Bricks and Glasses

This construction is a mainstream and popular one among the people who build a greenhouse. The foundation is of bricks and continued by metal frames and glass. It is beautiful and gives the greenhouse a vintage look because of the bricks.

It became mainstream because it has a classy and antique look given the right colors to the frame. Because of the red in the bricks, it is ideal to choose a color that matches that red. Usually, people choose white as it is in perfect contrast with red, and gives a complementary look to it. You can try more complementary colors to get the artistic feel.

Green for the Greens

Green for the Greens

It is ideal for a greenhouse to be green! It just boosts the feeling of freshness as when you take a peek, all you see is greenery. If you have chosen to have a green color, make sure the foundation’s color matches with the green, or it will look repulsive and not so attractive. It fits precisely amid your green garden. It is an aesthetic choice to have a green-colored frame.

Cheap Alternatives

Cheap Alternatives

It looks great to use acrylic glasses and plastic frames when you are setting up a mini-greenhouse for your mini-garden in your backyard. It does not occupy much space, and you can almost call it a no-cost greenhouse because acrylic glass and plastic frames are very cheap compared to metal, wooden frames, and glasses.

This greenhouse is ideal if you have a minimally sized backyard, or it is just a lawn that you have. It makes an excellent fit for your side yard. It even adds an aesthetic look for your house to have such an artistic and little greenhouse.



Cheaper than the cheap way is to use plastic frames and fiberglass. It is cheap, but not ineffective. Plastic allows more warmth and is a good alternative for acrylic. It shines and lets the light in, giving the greens a beautiful look.

If you choose plastic, you don’t even need a foundation. You can simply use plastic rods and dig them in. The only problem with no foundation is durability.

Green Ceiling

Green Ceiling

You can grow creepers and cut them in a way to look like a ceiling for your greenhouse. To achieve this, you have to plan the growth of climbers being attached to the ceiling. Vining plants are an excellent example of such ceilings.

Growing such kinds of plants instead of creepers is a reliable alternative too. If your frame is green in color and you have vines on your ceiling, it looks so good and perfect.

Hang Them!

Hang Them

Not just filling your greenhouse with plants, you can hang a few plants too. Many types of hanging plants are available now. These little plants are put in hanging pots that are available in different kinds of designs.

Using designs that fit your greenhouse’s architecture gives an artistic feel, and a classy look is evident. This way, you can have less space to build a greenhouse, yet fill it with many plants both on the ground and in the air.

The Mammoth Plant!

The Mammoth Plant

It looks good to have one large plant that is almost a tree in the middle or corner of your green yard. This plant is not as big as a tree and won’t grow up to be a tree, but it is still significant for a plant.

This big plant adds on a critical farming look for your greenhouse. Planting two or three of such huge plants also gives you a green ceiling with its branches sprouting up at the ceiling. But if you have more of them, they might steal all the sun. That is the reason why just one big plant is ideal for a minimal greenhouse.

Using lights!

Using lights

If your greenhouse is made up of wooden frames and glass, use lights to make it look beautiful during the nights. Tungsten lights are preferred to give the greenhouse a vintage look and feel. White wooden frame, with brick foundations and Tungsten lights, has antique and a classic feel.

Bottle it up!

Bottle it up

Using recycled plastic bottles will make it look great too. Gather all the bottles and DIY your greenhouse joining them together as a frame. Using these bottles is ideal because they are the frame, and they are also the glass because of their transparent plastic nature.

To be honest, it adds a lot of artistic looks, and a greenhouse feels to the greenhouse. Recycling for an eco-friendly purpose is always beautiful.



You can use tubular frames and stick a plastic sheet on them to create a dome-like structure. If you have a lot of plants, you can create multiple domes for each group of plants. To create the loops, you can use wood or PVC pipes.

Stone Walls

Stone Walls

If you want to achieve an old building look, or you already have a roof-broken old small cottage, you can use it as a greenhouse too. Yes, you can take the roof out and put a glass on the top for the sunlight to enter. And instead of wooden, metal, or plastic frames, you will now have a stone wall.

Stone walls are more robust and everlasting, but the only disadvantage is that if you build your greenhouse by frames, you have a lot of light entering from all sides. But when your greenhouse has stone walls, the light only enters through the top. If you decorate those stone walls with creepers, it gives a rugged look to your greenhouse.

Architectural Innovation

Architectural Innovation

If you want to try different architectural styles for your greenhouse, you can choose them to be in different shapes. For example, you can build your greenhouse to look like an igloo. Or you can create a pyramid-like structure. You can try different geometric shapes to achieve aesthetically pleasing appeal for your greenhouse.

Aesthetics are essential because greenhouse if it is non-commercial, then it is for refreshing your mood. If it does not look pleasant, then it doesn’t serve the purpose. So, go on and start building different shapes and bring the Leonardo Da Vinci inside you out for this one.


No matter, if you are a scientist, organic farmer, agriculture specialist, horticulturist, or just a person with a plant-hobby, having a greenhouse, is a healthy choice to have.

It allows you to have those seasonal flowers, exotic plants, and crops year-round regardless of that specific season.

A greenhouse gives you entire customization and control of the warmth that the plants need. The thought of building it is good, and you should go forward with it with the right choice of the design idea.


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