In today’s life, most of us are enthusiastic about gadgets. Heretofore, everyone wants a computer or laptop for their laps or desks. These days everyone needs a computer that fits in their pocket. What about a computer for your wrist?

Nowadays, it has become hard to keep track of what was developed when. The reason behind this is the rapid progression of technology. We are encapsulated by technology in this modern era.

When some new gadgets, apparatus or instruments come out, it is hard for us to resist the existing one. We get fascinated to try it and be part of the latest craze and trend. This is just as true for the smart Watch also.

Raise your hands if you have heard about Apple Watch?

Since the debut of the first Apple watches nearly five years ago in April 2015, this smartwatch has evolved a lot. If you feel it is attracting the affluent and wealthy ones or is more materialistic or for gadget freak, it is a gadget to show off.

The point of having a Watch depends on the person and his purpose that is getting it. It will be a waste of money if you have no real use for its features. The Watch is more than an accessory at its best. It has many functions which are either inconvenient or unavailable on the phone. It is worth pointing out that just you believe a thing is useless for you do not mean it is not useful for someone else. Apple watch has proven that it can also come to feel indispensable.

You can use this wrist-mounted smart device to:

Make and receive phone calls

Send, receive texts and emails

  • Health monitoring
  • Weather monitoring
  • Alarm and timer
  • Operating music
  • Navigation
  • Travel and health alerts
  • Receive calendar alert

Making and receiving payments

You can customize it according to your lifestyle, helping you live a better life. This makes it of great value. Well, that all depends on the person’s need and objective of getting it.

Key Features of an Apple Watch:

  • Dual-core processor for better and faster performance.
  • Changeable soft sport band of silicon with an Aluminum case, ion-X Glass.
  • Integrates with Siri for calls, reminders, and notifications.
  • Uses Wi-Fi to connect with the Internet and Bluetooth to an iPhone.
  • Built-in heart rate monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer, and ambient light sensor.
  • Activity tracking and friendly competition with friends and family.
  • Sync with Apple pay to allow users to but things in stores.
  • Splash and water resistance.

Note: You MUST have an iPhone to sync with the Apple Watch to function smoothly and correctly.

Here are 62 Cool Things You Can Do with Your Apple Watch

1. Activity

The encompasses innovative Activity app and its three rings — for Move, Exercise, and Stand — does an impressive and starry job of giving you a brief of your physical activities in a day.

2. Answer calls

You can answer a call using it as a small speakerphone as it comes integrated with a built-in Bluetooth module. If you buy or have the new Apple Watch with LTE, then you can make calls through it, even without your phone nearby.

The downside for this feature is that you can only use it for shorter or quick calls. The reason is its bad audio quality. It is not much of higher standards.

3. Use as a Walkie – Talkie

This is handy for quick communication. Thus, it enables you to send audio messages. In addition to this, it plays the message aloud to the recipient.

To prevent misuse of the function, Watch OS 5, and above firmware’s supports a feature to mark the message as ‘AVAILABLE,’ then only the audio will be auto-played.

4. Record a voice memo

With OS6, you can very swiftly and efficiently record a Voice memo. This helps you in recording essential voice notes, essential thoughts, essential meeting schedules, and more.

The device works more smoothly if it goes into sleep mode.

The recording is retained offline onto the built-in memory of the Watch as well. It syncs the clips to the iCloud when connected to the Internet.

  1. Open the Voice Memo app.
  2. Tap the record button.
  3. Record your thoughts and voice notes.
  4. Tap stop to end your recordings.

5. Track your menstrual cycle

To get Cycle tracking started, open the Health app on your iPhone.

Through this, you can see your log flow as well as the symptoms of your period. You can also predict the start of your next menstrual period. You can also get health alerts regarding this

6. Monitor hearing levels

Are you concerned about the music level being played is safer or dangerous? Can it damage your ears? Then do not fret!

Featuring the ‘NOISE’ app on the Watch helps you track how loud your environment is! It allows you to gauge the sound levels in your environment, enabling you to take a decision regarding using ear protection, or take a break or just walk away.

You can use this feature by tapping on the yellow ear icon on the screen. This opens a hearing application through which you can enable or disable the access as well. You can monitor the sound levels.

7. Use as a calculator

WatchOS 6 has brought a native calculator to apple watch, especially for those who are math-challenged. This app can perform the necessary calculations (add, subtract, divide, and multiply). You can also split bills by indicating the number of people, bill amount, and tip percentage.

8. Use as a compass

This feature is available only on the latest apple watch series five, which enables you to use a compass right off the wrist. It also gives you information about latitude and longitude, decline, and elevation. It helps you a lot when you are hiking or trekking.

9. Always shows you the display

This new feature is too available on only Apple watch series 5. Earlier to see the display, you had either to raise your twist or to touch your Watch, and you have to say ‘DISPLAY.’

But now you can toggle the ‘Always-on display,’ which will help you to catch the time quickly in urgency or when you are engaged.

The positive side is that it does not eat your battery life.

10. Listening to the podcasts

This is the long-awaited feature that was introduced with the latest WatchOS 5 update. You can now sync and connect podcasts to the Apple watch. As well you can easily stream the podcasts on LTE supported models or via Wi-Fi.

This handy solution works wonders when you are engaged physically or by driving a car.

11. Challenge friends for a competition

You can now share your activity with your friends, family, and colleagues and invite them for a 7-days challenge. You can invite-only the contact person present in your Phone book. This is health warfare where you keep track of your opponent’s achievements against yours, and you must meet that achievement to win the activity trophy. This motivates and boosts you to perform better to get yourself awarded.

12. Use as a flashlight

This feature is available on all the Apple watch series. It does not serve as a replacement to the ordinary flashlights, although it provides enough lights to brighten up tight spaces. This is handy when both hands are engaged, and you cannot handle a torch or flashlight with them.

You can change the flash colors from white to red or any other color. For this, you must fire up the app, swipe it on the screen, and then must choose the color for the flashlight.

13. Use the Watch underwater

This cool feature is available from the generation 2 models. You can optimize it when you are going swimming. But remember, the new models are waterproof up to 50 meters underwater. So, from now you can feel free to swim, run out in an open rain, and much more wearing a smartwatch.

It works flawlessly in freshwater, rainwater, in the pools, and oceans.

14. Track your runs

All the models have got a built-in GPS except Apple watch series 1. You can continue your workouts, jogging, and running without carrying an iPhone along

with you. You can keep track of distance and pace more accurately. You can view your route as well.

15. Stay silent in a movie theatre

With Apple OS 3.2, this feature has also been launched where just raising your hands swiftly or doing any other movements does not wake up your Apple watch. This feature proves to be more worthy when you are in a movie theatre. This causes a distraction and annoyance not only for you but also for other viewers also when you raise a hand, and the Watch gets to lighten up. You can enable this theatre mode, where you tell your Watch not to lighten up. Worry not, and you will be still notified by vibration taking place in your wrist.

16. Change your Watch face

You can swap the watch face on your very own Apple watch from that gloomy old analog looks of that of a traditional watch to digital Watch and many more. There are about dozens of different Watches faces present here. In addition to this, you have the liberty to customize the faces as well as to add faces using photos, collage, etc.

17. Quick access to information

It is also capable of displaying a dock of recent apps so that you can have fast access to information. By simply pressing the side button on the Watch, Dock can be pulled up. You can customize your Dock on your iPhone in the Apple Watch app.

18. Monitor your heart rate

Just tilt your Watch and find the inbuilt sensor right into it. It records your heart rate at regular intervals and stores the data into the iPhone once the Watch is synced to the HEALTH app.

19. Handle the text messages

You can view and reply to the message just by raising the wrist. There are a couple of ways to do so. You can either use Siri to dictate a reply or can reply using canned messages or just by scribbling the text by your finger.

20. Send apple watch emoji

Now you can send animated emoji using your Apple watch. Some users find this feature annoying, whether some love it a lot to send each other some funny and lovely emoji.

21. Get notifications on your wrist

If you have got the apps connected of your iPhone to your Watch, then it becomes handy as all the notifications that have been sent on your iPhone are capable of being displayed in your Watch display screen.

You can also customize the way of syncing the notifications.

22. Share your heartbeat

To convey a more personal message to your closed ones, you can share your heartbeat with them. The recipient gets it directly on their iPhone or Apple watch. It helps you to convey your feelings with something extra in a distinctive manner.

23. Apple Pay

To advent the card less and wireless payments, we can use Apple watch directly to pay off without the need to draw your phone to process the payment. You need to bring the POS (point of sale) close to the machine, and payment gets proceeds.

24. All the apps on one screen

We can download a plethora of apps on Apple watch, and all of these are present on-screen with their icons in the form of tiny circles. Using the digital crown, we can easily navigate between these apps.

25. Get navigation direction

The Apple watch now can show you the direction to go to the destination you want to go to. Near the turns, the Watch gets vibrated.

You need to ensure that it is correctly synced with Apple maps.

26. Share drawings with the Apple watch

The drawing once was done on Watch, which is transformed as an animated sketch. All you need is the drawing app on Watch and your imagination.

Then crave your imagination and share it with your friends.

27. Use ‘Siri’ on the Apple watch

To trigger Siri on Watch, you just have to say the command, “Hey, Siri.” Siri gets fired up, and then with its help, you can virtually control your Apple watch. Now, Siri can talk back to you with a new Apple watch just like it does on the iPhone.

28. Browse photos on your Apple watch

You can directly sync photos from your phone to your smart Watch. You can see the photos in one go without using your iPhone. You can also use these photos as a custom watch face.

But remember, you can only sync up to 500 photos on the Apple watch.

29. Connect to your car

You can now use the Apple Watch to sync with the vehicle. You have just to get access to the app of your car company and enjoy the options to flash the lights, honk the car, see fuel levels, battery ranges, etc.

30. Send Facebook messages

Now with your Watch, you can be socialized and stay in touch with Facebook. You can see the Facebook Messenger inbox and conversations

And can chat on it using emoji, icons, and by scribbling the text.

31. Listen to music on the Watch

This is a new handy feature where you can store your favorite music on your Watch and can listen to it by connecting Bluetooth headphones with your Watch. You can sync your Watch with iTunes purchases, Apple Music, and iTunes Library.

32. Share your location

You can now share your location with your friends or family. Earlier it was available on iPhone but now is incorporated right into your Apple watch.

You must open a conversation in the messaging app and must tap on ‘Send Location’ from a set of options in it.

33. Check your emails

You can get email notifications on your Watch directly by configuring your owned mailboxes. Now you can open them, read them, even delete, or flag them using the Mail app on the Apple watch.

But there is one downside that there is no Gmail app available for the Apple watch.

34. Control your Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV, you can easily control it with Apple watch series 5.

You need not find that tiny Apple TV remote anymore. You can pause the TV, swipe through menus, scroll the guide, and listen to iTunes and radios, watch movies, and more!

35. Remote Camera Viewfinder

If you are photophobic, then it will prove to be for a great value. You can quickly get yourself up in front of the iPhone’s camera and see it on your Watch with the help of the Viewfinder app. As of now, there is no built-in camera in the Watch, but it is expected that Apple might embed a camera directly into the Apple Watch.

36. Find your iPhone using the Watch

If your Apple phone is silent and you are not getting it, then use this feature where you can see a lot of options like Airplane Mode, DND Mode, Silent Mode, and you can ring your phone by disabling these modes.

You can also use your Watch to flash the iPhone flash.

37. Carrying tickets on the Apple watch

You can use the Apple Watch wallet to scan your travel, concert, or any other tickets. Apple also sends you Wallet alerts for tickets and loyalty cards matching your current location or activity.

38. Use as a Nightstand clock

On connecting the Watch with your charger, you can see a night cooperative mode on it. This feature is fundamentally important if you are in a hotel, where you do not need to rely on anything else than on your Apple watch to act as a nightstand clock.

39. Set Your Apple Watch Up to 10 Minutes Fast

Are you running late for work? You can have an increment of 10 minutes in the time displayed to you by configuring it straightforward.

Use the digital crown to set the Watch 5 to 59 minutes fast.

40. Send an SOS

If you need emergency help, then hold the side button for getting the SOS feature fired up. By sliding on Emergency SOS, you will connect to your nearest emergency responders in the area

41. Keep on Track to Close Your Activity Rings

The Apple Watch will give you an evening push if you have not met you is activity levels. The Watch will send you a motivational message to boost yourself.

42. Keep You on Task as a Virtual Assistant

The feature called Siri powers the ‘All – day Assistant.’ It shows you essential reminders and upcoming meetings and appointments. This helps you to schedule your day for you.

43. Send Money to Friends with Apple Pay Cash

With the launch of Watch OS 4.2, you can send and request money via the Apple Pay cash application. You can use the received amount like a credit card or can transfer it to your bank accounts.

44. Use it as a Stopwatch

By tapping on the small stopwatch icon thought digital crown, you can start the stopwatch. It has a ‘laps’ feature that can be used to track the laps.

45. Show Store Loyalty Cards

You can store your loyalty cards on your wallet and can go anywhere without a hassle of carrying these loyalty cards with you.

46. Control Your Smart Home

You can use Siri to control the Home Kit accessories to control your smart house. A list of actions that can be performed is:

  • Turn lights off and on.
  • lock or unlock your doors
  • Turn Apple Home Kit accessories on or off.

47. Get Important Weather Alerts

It lets you see the weather conditions of an area. You get an alert before going to the weather to be wrong.

48. Use as a Translator

Use the iTranslate app to translate something from over 100 languages.

It would convert the dictated text in the language format you want the other person to understand.

49. Check Your Instagram Feed

Are you keen on using Instagram daily? Then, the Watch helps you to view your Instagram feed and photos right on its screen.

50. Track Your Sleep

The apple does not have a built-in app for sleep tracking. Instead, you can use a third-party app for the same. This will help you track your sleep quality and have in-depth sleep stats.

51. Always Have Your Passwords

You can use your Watch as a Password Vault or Password Manager that makes sure that you can have access to your passwords anytime you need it.

52. Track Skiing and Snowboarding with the Apple Watch

The feature is supported on the above series three watches. The Watch is capable of tracking: Vertical and horizontal descent, number of runs, average and maximum speed, calories burnt, and more.

53. Continuously Track Your Heart Rate without Workouts

You can activate a workout to monitor your heart rate for a whole day, which will not only monitor your heart rate but also boosts you to do the workout.

54. Control Your Home Pod Music

You can control your Home Pod in a smart ecosystem where you can control the music as well can adjust the volumes.

55. Order a Pizza

If your Pizza spot has Watch compatible iPhone apps, then you can easily place an order for your favorite pizza directly from your Watch now.

56. Open Your Garage Door

You can now open and close your garage doors with ease. For this you can try apps like:

  • Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener
  • Lift Master Smart Garage door opener

57. Show Your Car Insurance

You can use your health insurance and car insurance in your Apple wallet app on the Watch all the time.

58. Check the News

The Watch can fire a pre-installed news app to view the top 5 stories and connects you to feed updates also. So, this is a handy solution to keep you updated.

59. Browse Etsy

You can make in-app purchases. For this, you can use Etsy or other shopping apps to browse the things you need.

It is an easy way to search what is available in a category.

60. Hotel Key

You can check-in into listed hotels with the help of apps like Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). It lets you tap on the hotel door to gain entrance.

You can also use your Watch as a key to your room entrance. Just you need to be synced with SPG.

61. Mute alerts with your palms

By enabling the feature ‘cover to mute,’ you can now mute your Watch by covering the display with your palm. This makes you uninterrupted with the notification sounds and buzzers when you are in a meeting or a sleep session.

62. Take a screenshot

All Apple watches can take a screenshot when the Digital crown and the action button are pushed at the same time. The images are then saved to the camera roll on your iPhone.

Here in this article, it is tried to discover every possible bit of the Apple watch’s features. Here, you can explore the best possible ways to enhance your experience of owning an Apple watch.

If you find this article useful, then please let us know in the comment section. And if you found some points missing in this article, feel free to mention it.


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