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My name is Mark Wilson and I am the founder and author of HomeDems. This is your one-stop-shop for everything home decor related.

As a professional property manager, I have handled hundreds if not thousands of residential and commercial real estate units with great success over a career of 35+ years.

During that time, I was able to and buy and sell several homes of my own. Most of these early homes were fixer-up projects that I would flip for a profit later on down the line.

As a property manager with decades of experience, I had a tendency find potential in any home no matter how roughed up it may have appeared.

Now, close to retirement, my wife and I have finally finished our biggest project yet – our own dream home.

The amount of time and work required in the construction, renovation, and remodelling of this two-storey home was nothing short of a momentous undertaking.

Sure, I have worked on plenty of renovation, remodelling and even gardening projects. But this was something altogether different.

It took 2 years of patience and hard work for our dream home to come to fruition. When it was complete, we knew that all of our hard work had been worth it.

It felt as if all of those years of experience and expertise had finally come together in making what will now be our final resting place. The most perfect home that we could have ever wished for.

However, achieving this goal wasn’t easy. Budget constraints, material choices, tool selection, paint, furniture, labour, delays and so much more had to be managed in a manner that was both efficient and affordable while also making sure that each selection made complimented the rest of the home’s interior and exterior.

The entirety of that learning process is the reason why I decided to create homedems.com. With so much emphasis on luxury home decor, I wanted to show the world that there is a better and more affordable way of bringing out the inner beauty of any home without needing to resort to exotic and expensive materials.

The satisfaction of building something using your mind and your hands that is admired and loved by others is a feeling unlike any other. If you share the same pride, desire, and passion for building the home of your dreams, then I am glad that our paths have intertwined.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and make sure to stay tuned as there are plenty more to follow!


Mark Wilson